Investment in training is an investment in success as it ensures smooth and efficient integration into your business.

FastTrack offers a range of training services to meet our clients’ needs. Our services extend across all aspects of training and cover:

  • Facilitated online training
  • Facilitated custom on-site training
  • Distance education for geographically dispersed sites
  • Analysis of training needs.


With a focus on User Adoption, FastTrack take a holistic view of educating and supporting your end users as you implement or upgrade to the latest version of FastTrack360. Our training experts can tailor a learning solution to the specific needs of your business, big or small.

We begin with what works best – an analysis of the training required to suit your different end user groups, your processes and your business scenarios – and then recommend an appropriate solution. We incorporate information on the business rules and processes that make up an end users job role into your custom training content, which makes training more meaningful. Your staff need to know where FastTrack fits into the rest of their job.



FastTrack Custom Learning Solutions can provide any of the services listed below based on your budget and requirements:

  • Training Strategy/Needs Analysis
  • Custom online Learning content
  • On-the-job user support documentation
  • Development & Delivery of customised classroom training



You get an optimal training solution and heightened return on your FastTrack investment through quicker and deeper User Adoption. Our Learning experts:

  • Analyse your FastTrack Learning needs
  • Engage with your subject matter experts, stakeholders and end users
  • Design content utilising your look and feel, your business processes and your FastTrack environment
  • Develop content for scenario-based, role specific training and support materials
  • Transition your training solution and documentation to your staff to manage your ongoing learning.


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