FastTrack ensures your project runs smoothly.

Our experienced FastTrack consultants will ensure your project runs smoothly, managing all aspects of the project life cycle — whether it be installation of a standard solution; the conceptual stage of customisations design; or the evelopment and installation of custom solutions.

Every client and implementation is different and our team adapts to each client’s needs.

The primary focus of the work is on change management activities, such as:

  • Project co-ordination
  • User training conversion
  • Migration of data
  • System set-up
  • Customisations and
  • Configurations as required.

FastTrack Process Methodology

Project Initiation

After signoff by the client and FastTrack’s appointed Account Manager, FastTrack’s Senior Project Manager appoints a Project Leader to form a joint project team. This team usually consists of:

  • Key client personnel who will be affected by the new system’s implementation, including Operations, IT, Finance (where appropriate), Training and others
  • FastTrack’s specialist project leader and technical resources.

An initial project plan is formed in consultation with key project team personnel, identifying any constraints and additional resource requirements.

Systems Analysis

Organisational change management requirements are identified, risks assessed and provided for. All operational, workflow and quality processes, and company standard operating procedures (existing or preferred), are considered and catered for through an exercise in business mapping and impact assessment.

As part of this process, the project team:

  • Further analyses and designs any required customisations (eg. reporting),
  • Identifies conversion and migration mapping considerations
  • Establishes end user training requirements.

This phase also confirms the project plan for subsequent project phases.

Customisation and Conversion

FastTrack’s development team then begins any system customisations agreed in systems analysis, such as custom screens or fields, custom reporting and conversion, and database consolidation programming.

User Acceptance and Training

As part of pre-implementation preparation, all customisations and conversions are reviewed for final user acceptance, and any fine-tuning, configuration and modifications are performed. This includes system testing on the intended environment and network to ensure the system operates.

Upon final user acceptance signoff of all components, end user training begins. Training is based on either ‘train the trainer’ or classroom-style activities.


Consultants manage the suitability, design and installation of a total quality solution, so ensuring a successful implementation.

Quality Assurance

Throughout each phase of the system’s implementation, quality reviews and assurance checklists help ensure agreement of scope and acceptance by all team members, with every detail considered and acted upon appropriately.

FastTrack’s experience and resources guarantee a seamless and detailed conversion of your corporate databases, with minimal disruption to your business.