Offering a series of online training courses, the FastTrack360 Academy helps you get the most out of your FastTrack360 platform.

Learn from the best

With 10+ years’ experience in the recruitment industry, learn from our expert Professional Services team.

Learn best practice

Our team have worked together with the market-leading recruitment agencies to find and deliver you the best-practice processes.

Find out what you don’t know

Get all of the handy tips and tricks for saving time and making your job easier!

Great value for money

FastTrack360 Academy online group training is a cost-effective alternative to our customised consulting options.

Ongoing education

Continue to invest in success as we continue to host regular sessions on a variety of key topics.

Upcoming webinars


For beginner-intermediate invoice generators and finance members.

Invoice and Credit Note generation


Invoice Reporting

11 May

10am – 12pm AEST

(Please note specified time-zone)

2 hours

$99 per person

$29 per additional ticket


For new front office users.


Organisational structure


Job Orders

25 May

10am – 2pm AEST

(Please note specified time-zone)

4 hours

$149 per person

$49 per additional ticket


For intermediate-experienced payroll and finance users.

Scenario based best practice training.


10am – 12pm AEST

(Please note specified time-zone)

2 hours

$99 per person

$29 per additional ticket

Customised consulting & training

Recognising that every business is unique, our Professional Services team can evaluate your business and tailor a custom one-on-one training solution just for you. 

The Benefits

A more meaningful and in-depth training experience that will streamline business processes, enabling you to capitalise on growth opportunities and improve internal efficiencies. 

Your business stakeholders and end users will adopt FastTrack360 faster, delve deeper into its features and maximise their use of the system.

Stay tuned.