After more than 50,000 hours in development, with more than 21 new features, the latest software update for FastTrack360, Vega, is here.

FastTrack360 Vega marks a critical milestone for the FastTrack business as we open the borders of what is possible in our cloud-hosted platform. The FastTrack360 recruitment solution continues to offer all the business-critical Recruit, Time, Pay & Bill functionality demanded by the market, with the Vega update adding additional functionality, features and upgrades to make this process easier, faster and more efficient.


Show Me How

Get new recruiters up to speed & ensure a consistent approach with core processes using the brand-new productive learning tool ‘Show Me How’, powered by WalkMe, which walks you through key processes holding your hand along the way.

Sync with Outlook
Ensure all correspondence with Clients and Candidates is captured by syncing Outlook automatically with FastTrack360.

All-New FastTrack360 MarketPlace
Turn on a growing range of market leading Apps directly into your FastTrack360 platform, so you can do more than ever before – simple plug & play!

API Developer Portal

Now you have the power to connect the way you want. Integrate FastTrack360 with third party providers or bespoke applications not available in the new MarketPlace, using the brand-new open API framework.

Report Templates
Quickly and easily access business best-practice reports to help you maintain the competitive edge with deeper and smarter insights.

Job Templates
Create templates for jobs to make it even easier to find suitable candidates.

Save searches

Find the candidate you want even faster, by saving your regular searches.

Set preferences & exclusions

Ensure your preferred candidates rise to the top of the pile and under-performing candidates do not damage your business reputation.

Timesheet Imports

Increase the accuracy of Candidate’s timesheets by importing your clients time-clock systems directly into the FastTrack360 platform.

HTML Upgrade

Manage your candidates Recruitment, Time Sheets & Attendance across all browsers and devices from phone to tablet or computer.

Accessibility continues to improve as Time and Leave have been upgraded to HTML from Silverlight, which means you can access FastTrack360 from any device, anywhere, with more news to follow!

PLUS many more features…

Vega Launch Roadshow

In May, senior members of the FastTrack team completed a roadshow across the country. The event aimed to:

  • Launch the brand new FastTrack Funding financial support service;
  • Help educate on Single Touch Payroll, the biggest change to the taxation landscape since GST; and
  • Showcase a range of the 21 exciting new features available with the Vega update.

See all the highlights here!

Get even further ahead of the competition with the all-new FastTrack360 MarketPlace. Offering a growing suite of market leading Apps, the FastTrack360 MarketPlace means you can now turn on additional functionality you want to make the way you Recruit, Time, Pay and Bill smarter, easier and more efficient than ever before.

Initial partners include:



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Take a look at some of the exciting changes in detail…

Google Maps

Standard functionality included with the Vega update means you can now look up job location or candidate addresses via Google Maps. Advanced features available via the FastTrack360 MarketPlace allow you to view a job location and candidates home address for comparison. This means consultants can more efficiently fill jobs with the best candidate closest in location, making the fill-time faster and job attendance higher.

Outlook Sync

Now you can ensure all correspondence with Clients and Candidates is automatically captured against their record through enhanced Outlook sync with FastTrack360, even including attachments! As a recruiter, it means FastTrack becomes your one true candidate management system. As a business owner, it ensures you can get new consultants up to speed faster, helping them generate revenue.

Save Searches

Now you can save common candidate searches to find the right talent for a job even faster. Plus, saved searches can also be shared within the team, so consultants can spend more time communicating with candidates and less time looking for them.

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