Calculate rates accurately and save time with fast, online quotes.

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Adding Ratescalc.com lets you:

  • Calculate rates for Casual PAYG, Contractors, Apprentices, Juniors, Trainees, Permanent/Part Time PAYG, Flat Rates, All-In Rates, Salaried Employees
  • Provision for materials and inventory items
  • Access all 122 Modern Awards,
  • Load agreements or EBAs to suit your needs
  • Obtain instantaneous credit checks with CreditorWatch integration
  • Quickly respond to clients with professional looking quotes in various formats
  • Stand out from competitors with a seamless online signing process
  • Maintain Compliance and Governance for payroll and back office operations

App Details

Pre-requisite: An active Ratescalc.com account
Cost: Subscription is $49.00 excluding GST, per user, per month paid quarterly in advance, with the integrated Secured Signing digital approval process costing $2.50 per signing token (<200 signing tokens) or $2.00 per signing token (>200 signing tokens). CreditorWatch tokens from $7.50 per credit check.

Support: info@ratescalc.com or +61 439 169 999
Access: This add-on app will install right into FastTrack360.

How it works

Once you have configured FastTrack360, you can access Ratescalc.com from the Client screen, Job Order screen or  ‘Quick Access’ menu within FastTrack360.  From there Ratescalc.com will do the heavy lifting to help you with all of your calculation and quotation requirements.

You can then send the quote to your client with a request for a Digital Signature via Secured Signing. Your client will receive this in email form where they can “Click to View and Sign”. Once submitted, the digitally-signed document will feed back into FastTrack360 for you to review. A copy is also provided to your client.

Ratescalc.com seamlessly provides FastTrack360 customers with speed to market, accuracy and governance whilst calculating rates.

How to get setup

We are currently running a BETA program with Ratescalc.com. We will update this once the the program has been completed.

Keep your eye’s peeled!

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