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Improve candidate onboarding efficiency by 85% or greater with Flare Onboarding & Benefits. A free solution available for FastTrack360 customers.

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Adding FlareHR lets you:

  • Capture your candidates’ bank, tax and super submissions and automate the creation of a payee record in FastTrack360, through Flare’s compliant paperless onboarding flow.
  • Eliminate manual onboarding administration.
  • Reduce business risk by capturing and storing TFN details in line with ATO standards with an ISO 27001 Partner.
  • Manage HR compliance documents with speed and efficiency by capturing licenses, tickets and worker’s rights documents digitally. Additional costs apply.
  • Improve the candidate onboarding experience. the onboarding experience can be branded and completed from mobile device to make one of the first experiences a candidate has with your brand the best.
  • Attract and retain your candidate pool better with exclusive benefits and discounts from Flare

App Details

Pre-requisite: An active FlareHR account.
Cost: Free offer available:

  • Free integration of Flare Onboarding for bank, tax and superannuation
  • Free access to Flare Benefits
  • No hidden costs or ongoing fees

Please note, costs may apply for additional onboarding documents

Setup: Implementation time is one week upon project kickoff

Support: Flare’s Australia-based support team is available Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 6:00pm AEST
Access: This add-on app will install right into FastTrack360.

How it works

Watch the 10-min demo video of the FastTrack360 and Flare integration here

Flare’s free solution lets FastTrack360 customers increase their onboarding efficiency by 10-20 times after shifting away from manual paper-based HR processes. It is a mobile-friendly onboarding solutions that allows you to:

  • Collect candidate paperwork digitally
  • Attract and retain more candidates with access to exclusive benefits
  • Achieve greater efficiency and speed

Onboard new candidates with 85% greater efficiency

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual admin for candidate onboarding.  Instead, FastTrack360 customers can simplify candidate onboarding down to seconds by using Flare’s compliant paperless onboarding journey. With a click of a button, you can kickstart paperless onboarding within your FastTrack360 platform.

Manage HR compliance forms digitally

With Flare, you can capture candidate’s bank, tax and superannuation information digitally. This lets you automate your HR form compliance workflows and eliminate paperwork across your candidates, recruiters and payroll team. You get accurate and verified candidate information that is timestamped and stored in FastTrack360, so your payroll team can operate seamlessly and avoid errors.

Attract and retain candidates with exclusive Benefits 

Flare Benefits gives your candidate pool access to an exclusive benefits and discount platform of 300+ leading retailers like Coles, JB Hi-Fi and Hoyts Cinemas — a simple way to offer your candidate’s more value than your competition.

How it works: 

Flare helps FastTrack360 customers capture candidate bank, tax and super information through a paperless onboarding flow that is embedded into your FastTrack360 platform. 

  1. Select “Onboard”. When you’re ready to onboard a candidate, easily add them to the Onboarding flow in your FastTrack360 platform.  
  2. Wait for candidates to complete their onboarding. The candidate receives a mobile-friendly paperless onboarding journey where they can electronically-sign and complete documents on-the-go. 
  3. Receive completed documents. Recruitment and payroll teams receive candidate bank, tax and super submissions directly into FastTrack360 Front Office and Back Office — without any paperwork admin. 

About Flare 

Flare is for Australian teams that want to level up their HR operations. Over 300 workforces — including labour hire businesses like Staff Australia and Labour Solutions Australia — rely on Flare to streamline their HR processes and to achieve greater efficiency. Learn more at www.flarehr.com.

How to get setup

For FastTrack360 customers, please request a demo with Flare: https://www.flarehr.com/fasttrack360/ or email Lachlan Burt, Flare’s dedicated FastTrack360 account manager, at Lachlan.Burt@flarehr.com.

Here's what customers are saying

“Flare gives us peace of mind from an efficiency and compliance perspective. It also keeps us ahead of the curve and provides our candidates with an exciting and interactive experience.”

Elise Moana, Australian Staffing Agency

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