Current and accurate billing means faster bill processing and on time

delivery of invoices. The end result – healthy cashflow.

Timesheets, Payroll & Client Billing all from the one system
helps you get money in the bank fast.




Reap the rewards of reduced processing & admin time.

Raise client billing and payroll payments from complex timesheet data in one powerful solution.






Break away from restrictive pay & bill regiments.

DIY your own temp/contract and permanent/service pay and bill calculations with ease. You decide on the invoice frequency and data groupings. Then design and build your own invoices to match your company brand, with a built in invoice designer.

You choose what’s right for you and your customer.

Temporary and Contract Invoicing

You decide on the frequency for grouping timesheets and the grouping of your data for invoicing.

Perm placement, service, and adhoc invoicing

Configure your own invoicing for services provided on a Job Order.

Simple batch driven process.

Timesheets are grouped by invoice cycle, formatted by Debtor configuration, even includes expected timesheets so you can ensure everything is ready to be invoiced.

Design your own invoices to match your brand.

When you’re done, deliver your DIY branded payslips or invoices via your very own Customer Service Portal, by email or print and post.


Supporting your teams to work together.

Streamline your invoicing processes through a single software solution that’s built for speed.

Connect with a FastTrack specialist.

We’ll help you choose the right fit for your recruitment needs – recruit, pay, bill or all three.

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