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Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s the difference between Recruit360 and Fasttrack360?

The easiest explanation is that it’s the same platform, however Recruit360 is focussed on what’s traditionally called Front Office functionality (candidates, clients, advertising, job management and time sheets), whereas FastTrack360 includes all the Recruit360 features, in addition to award interpretation, candidate and client portals, payroll and billing – often called Middle and Back Office.

You can start with Recruit360, and as your business matures or needs change, we can configure the remaining features to take you all the way to FastTrack360. Or, jump in with both feet into the system that does it all, FastTrack360.

What’s the benefit in a single, all-inclusive system, as opposed to multiple integrated systems?

Simply put, multiple systems means multiple vendors, multiple points of integration, multiple contracts, multiple service level agreements, multiple databases and inconsistency in user experience between platforms – therefore, increased risks, reduced efficiency and likely greater overall costs, than if all your information was moving seamlessly within a single platform maintained by a single provider.

Our experience has shown that compared to the costs of multiple systems and vendors, FastTrack is usually the more cost competitive option, particularly over a long, productive relationship.

How do you charge for Payroll?

Whereas other systems charge per employee or per timesheet, FastTrack works on the premise of pay rolled hours per annum. Client purchase Payroll Units (blocks of 2000 hrs), with no minimum purchase each year. Their system just needs to be in credit of Payroll Units at all times.
As (for example) a single Payroll Unit could be comprised of 2000 hours paid to 1 full time equivalent, or 5 casuals paid 400 hrs each, it’s usually much more cost effective than charging for every timesheet irrespective of the hours worked.

Is FastTrack an Australian Company?
Yes. FastTrack was founded in Australia over 22 years ago, with our head office based on St Kilda Rd in Melbourne. We have staff distributed nationally. In 2012 the majority ownership of FastTrack was acquired by Harbert Australia Private Equity.
How do your client agreements work?
FastTrack provides subscription based services that are typically charged annually in advance. With new clients, we often agree on initial minimum terms of between 3 and 5 years – however both parties retain the ability to exit the agreement at any point with six months’ notice.
How do User Licences work?

Every user of FastTrack needs their own personal login, tied to an email address. Licences cannot be shared, as each individuals system activity is auditable, and their access to the various features and sections of the platform are individually tailored to their role.

If someone leaves and is replaced, you simply de-activate the old users licence, and assign a new licence to the replacement. As your total Users will still be consistent with your subscription, there’s no extra costs.

If you need more Users – no drama, we can increase your subscription at any time.