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Timesheet Workflow ProcessDefine the timesheet workflow:

  • 3 staged workflow to define responsibility and notifications: Initiator – Candidate, Approval – Up to 4 approval levels, Escalation – Internal escalation should no activity occur.
  • Bulk timesheet process to support data entry and approval in a single step.
Pre-Populate timesheet from Job ScheduleEnable the job schedule data to auto-populate timesheet entries for faster and more accurate timesheet submissions.
Auto ApprovalCreate a business workflow which enables the auto approval of standard timesheets
Time & Attendance Portal Timesheet portal where a workflow participant (Candidate, Client Contact or Agency user) can manage the time & Attendance process. Includes:

  • Time based attendance & absence capture
  • Additional Items – The ability to capture additional claims
  • Reimbursements – The ability to capture reimbursement claims
  • Attachments – The ability to capture attachments for items likes receipts.

Time capture is support by the following mediums:

  • Browser for PC access
  • Device agnostic Mobile Timesheets – The ability to manage the timesheet process via a mobile device or tablet. This supports iPhone and Android devices.
  • Timesheet Import – Process timesheet data from external sources
Time & Attendance ReportingTime Reporting in details or summary formats where you may use a vast array of parameters to fine specific timesheet scenarios.
Pay & Bill AgreementsFeature set which provides the flexibility to configure both Pay and Bill rules. This is made up of the following elements:

  • Agreement Header
    • Hierarchy Relationship – The ability to define modern awards or EBA’s where you can assign these to a hierarchy to limit where they can be applied.
    • Conditional Variables – Help define job driven scenarios that aid in the interpretation process.
    • Attachments – The ability to attach electronic copies of the agreement
  • Primary Interpretation
    • Rounding rules
    • Mid- Night boundary rules
    • Break rules
  • Secondary Interpretation
    • Pay Code Rules – The pay code rules define the scenarios in where a condition is met to pay a resulting action i.e. Monday – Friday, when Day Shift and when it’s not a public holiday pay 1 per hour to Normal Time up to 8 hours.
    • Rate Rules – The rate rules are linked to the hierarchy and determine the pay rate at which the relevant conditions are paid.
Oncost ManagementThe ability to configure oncost that influence the determination of the Bill rate.
Automated InterpretationThis engine automates the process of interpreting and translating timesheet and absence data into pay and bill lines across complex rates and awards for the purpose of managing candidate pays and delivering client billing/invoicing.
Back PayThis automated backpay process will find all timesheets paid/bill under a selected agreement and provide the ability to update selected rates for a defined period. This will produce Pay and/or Bill differences to pay candidates and invoice customers the increases.
Interpreter ReviewThe interpreter review process is designed as a checkpoint for reviewing and approving all interpreted timesheets prior to payroll and billing. A user may run boundary checks to determine which timesheets require further review.

Leave RequestsWhere entitled users can submit leave requests via the portal. The process for leave submissions manages leave balances, Leave notifications between the candidate and manager and the ability to view a full audit trail of all leave taken.
Leave Type ManagementThe leave engine is driven by a set of client configured leave types. Each leave type defines the rules for the accrual, transfer, reset and deduction rules. i.e. Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Long Service Leave.
Leave ProcessThe leave engine is tightly integrated into the Time & Attendance and Pay processes for leave accruals and leave payments.
Leave ReportsFastTrack360 has a suite of base leave reports to manage balances, leave taken and general enquiries.

Payee ManagementThe ability to manage the payee employee record requirements. Including:

  • Multiple employment types Casual vs. Contract – Manage the payroll function for different worker types to Support PAYG/PAYE or company contracts / register businesses.
  • Management of:
    • AU / NZ Tax Legislation
    • Deduction/allowance Management
    • Superannuation / Kiwi Saver Management
    • Employee Benefit Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Multi-Bank Account Setup
    • Attachments
    • Custom Fields
  • Validity date management – All changes in payee setup throughout their employment are tied to validity periods. This allows all changes throughout the employment lifespan to be viewed.
  • Full auditing of all changes to the payee.
Timesheet Driven Payroll
The payroll engine is specifically designed for staffing, recruitment timesheet driven payroll processes. This is where the time worked defines the pay entitlements and additional items may be added as part of the pay wizard process.
Pay Wizard
System can chaperone payroll administration/users through the set up & ongoing management of best practise payroll procedures & process.
Base Payroll Reports
FastTrack360 has a suite of base product payroll reports for payroll processing, payments and reconciliation. These reports are printable and exportable in a csv format.
EFT Salary / Deduction Process
The system has a process to generate and audit all EFT files produced for both Salary and Deductions. This process supports EFT standards in AU and MT9, CSV, CSV) ASB) NZ formats.
Pay Enquiries
Users can integrate salary payments and drill into details on any batch payment.
Payment Summary Process
ATO Payment Summary output requirements are fully supported in the system to either delivery via post or email.
ATO / IRD Data Extraction
ATO & IRD legislative data extracts are fully supported i.e. ATO TFN Declaration file extract, IR348, IR 345, KS1 file Extracts.
Payslip Design
Self managed design of payslips for flexibility in branding, inclusion of particular projects and geographies/regions.

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Pay360 and Bill360 modules bring together a seamless payroll & invoicing solution built to be robust, accurate; cost effective and time saving. There’s more to this one – two combo than listed above.

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