FastTrack Funding helps provide leading staffing organisations the financial support needed to bridge the time difference between paying cash out to candidates and later receiving cash in from billing clients. Whether you are looking to take on new clients to achieve your growth targets or have a back-up just in case, FastTrack Funding can help you achieve your business goals.

FastTrack Funding is designed to further leverage the innovative smarts of the FastTrack360 business platform to allow leading staffing organizations to grow smarter. This smart growth is achieved through simple and efficient financial support in paying candidate wages as well as providing financial advice, such as Client credit checks, to ensure you partner with the right clients to sustainably achieve business growth targets.

Having a trusted funding partner gives you the rare ability to free up some much-needed cash, alleviating the high amount of stress and pressure routinely felt by recruitment companies. In the highly competitive recruitment industry, FastTrack Funding removes the pressures of limited cash from lean margins, supports your business’s growth and promotes efficiency.


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Specifically designed funding support

FastTrack Funding has been specifically designed to help leading staffing organisations…


  • Pursue growth opportunities by partnering with the right clients
  • Fund client payroll, reducing the limitations and stress of juggling cash week to week
  • Remove your home or other assets as security from your business banking facility
  • Eliminate the burden of heavy administration required from your existing invoice finance facility
  • Relieve your business from uncomfortably tight cashflow due to customers delaying payment
  • Have a backup just in case things get tough

How FastTrack Funding can benefit your business


  • Have the complete control to choose the invoices and the percentage value you want funded
  • Significant savings with no set up fees, lock in period or property security required
  • Fast approval and drawdowns in time to match your payroll obligations
  • Fully integrated with FastTrack360

    – Easily select the invoices you want paid within your payroll solution

    –  Integrated with your trusted payroll provider, FastTrack

    – Uses the due diligence you have undertaken to become a FastTrack customer to facilitate faster and simpler finance approval

How it works

FastTrack360 can provide you with the functionality to select the timesheets or invoices that you wish to be funded to meet the payroll requirements of your workforce. When you later receive that timesheet or invoice later paid by your customer, FastTrack Funding is repaid, returning the net difference to you. Easy!


Who powers FastTrack Funding

FastTrack have partnered with APositive, a leading finance provider for the workforce industry, specializing in payroll funding and invoice finance. They are an RCSA Premium supporter, an ITCRA Gold supporter and the exclusive RIB Report sponsor.

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