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FastTrack helps Frog Recruitment kick open the door.

Industry: Temporary, contract and permanent staffing in retail, textile, clothing, and footwear sectors

Headquarters: Sydney, NSW

Locations: Offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Nationwide coverage

Staff: 13

“We might be small, but we are incredibly savvy and very technically oriented. Virtually from day one we had to be able to go into our database, load our information, and extract what we required. FastTrack was the only choice, as far as we were concerned.”

Jane Kennelly

Founder and Managing Director, Frog Recruitment

The business impact.

Founder Jane Kennelly, formerly in senior management with companies such as Lampen Group and TMP Worldwide, began trading as Frog Recruitment in April 2003 with one other founding member. Since then, staff numbers have grown to 13.

What contributed to Frog Recruitment’s successful growth strategy? Frog’s point of difference in the marketplace has been supported by FastTrack’s mid-enterprise recruitment solution. Frog’s operational platform comprises two specialist groups of consultants who work with businesses to define their recruitment requirements — Career Seeker Managers, advocates for and work with specialist groups of job hunters; and Client Services Managers, who have project management skills, recruitment expertise, and vacancy and campaign management skills.

Having had first-hand experience with the FastTrack solution, and from her prior examination of its solutions against other recruitment management systems across Australasia, Kennelly knew that FastTrack would support Frog’s business needs and growth strategy.

“Having a FastTrack system gave us a sense of credibility and professionalism from day one,” Kennelly said.

 Having a FastTrack system gave us a sense of credibility and professionalism from day one,” Kennelly said.



Stability and reliability increase productivity and reduce staff downtime.

The FastTrack solution provided Frog Recruitment with a stable, reliable and integrated end-to-end recruitment system with easy to-use client and candidate management, integrated payroll and billing, easy navigation, and logical sequencing — a guarantee for effi \ciency and productivity.

Kennelly said Frog valued the reliability of the FastTrack software most. “It’s stable and safe, and that’s really important,” she said. “It means we are confident that we can deliver our information to clients in a highly responsive manner.” System downtime, and therefore staff downtime, is down 100% with FastTrack.

System training for new staff is down to two, two-hour sessions, conducted by an internal super-user, reducing the 2004 budget for outsourced system training to $0.

“FastTrack is easy to use, so the time involved in training and getting new people up to speed from scratch is reduced,” Kennelly said — which means they can start generating income for the business much sooner. “If I think back to a previous system that I used, the savings — in terms of unnecessary repetition plus the use of user-friendly pull-down menus — has meant great time saving. As a small business, we don’t have a lot of time to waste!”

Versatility and flexibility support astute marketing and spend.

FastTrack’s versatility and fl exibility supports Frog Recruitment’s focus on ensuring it has the best quality information available to market the business. “We use the system really effectively and, as a result, we have established some good processes around the way we load, search and set up a client file. It’s geared up for maximum effi ciency,” Kennelly said.

Frog uses the FastTrack solution to aid in account development by recording and tracking its external marketing activities. Clientbased marketing activity includes events, functions and pieces of collateral that are used in different programs. “Because we are able to actually customise FastTrack to record a number of pieces of information, we are able to accurately pinpoint where and when our client entertainment spending should be invested.

This has been achieved with the current support staff numbers, and has resulted in salary savings of at least one part-time marketing assistant,” Kennelly said.

Frog’s culture places high value on up-to-date client and candidate information, so it prizes the high quality and vast range of management information that can be extracted from its FastTrack system. The degree to which the system’s information can be manipulated ensures that data can be tailored easily and effi ciently to meet the requirements of the consultancy’s business lines and targeted clients.

Leading edge technology supporting businesses of all sizes and through growth

Kennelly said that FastTrack’s solutions provided a “reliability edge” and increased responsiveness to client and candidate queries — a prerequisite for doing business in the 21st century. “We feel that we have achieved everything that an organisation our size could have from having the right technology,” Kennelly said. “We have just as much capability as a larger organisation of 100+ people, and more flexibility.

As Frog Recruitment continues to build its clientele across New Zealand, FastTrack’s Mid enterprise system, professional service and excellent helpdesk will smoothly and effi ciently support Frog’s business needs.

“If we didn’t have a system like FastTrack, I don’t know that we would be able to negotiate some of the approaches to the market that we use. It’s a great system,” Kennelly said.

About Frog Recruitment

A specialist recruitment company, established in 2002, Frog Recruitment delivers a wide range of tailored solutions to locate and attract talent in Accounting & Finance, Business Administration, Communications, Education, Human Resouces, Manufacturing, Operations and Sales & Marketing.