Bill360 powered by FT

Take a look under the hood.

Debtor ManagementEnables the detailed configuration and maintenance of debtors.
Multi-Entity ManagementThe ability to configure an unlimited number of billing companies across an unlimited number of countries in a single system.
Timesheet Based Invoice BatchesBatch driven invoice generation process for timesheet based invoices. This includes the ability to define the invoice grouping and timesheet grouping on a Debtor to automate the invoice generation process.
Non-Timesheet Based Invoice/Credit ProcessInvoice/Credit note management for manual adhoc invoices including Permanent Placement, Service and Secondary Supplier invoicing.
Delivery ManagementSupport of invoice delivery via printing or emailing for single invoices/credits or bulk emailing of all invoices/credits.
Invoice Log Auditing of all user activity around invoices/credit notes. This includes the recording of client interaction with invoices via the client portal.
Credit & Re-BillAbility to immediately credit incorrect invoices and re-bill for revised and correct amounts. Wizard is available to enable this function within 8 fast steps for error free set up & processing.
Invoice DesignerSelf managed design of invoices for flexibility in branding, inclusion of particular projects and geographies/regions.
ReportingFastTrack360 has a suite of base product sales reports for billing processing and reconciliation.

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Pay360 and Bill360 modules bring together a seamless payroll & invoicing solution built to be robust, accurate; cost effective and time saving. There’s more to this one – two combo than listed above.

If you’d like to get to know the system better, contact a FastTrack specialist for a chat on 1800 063 555 (AU)/+613 9225 9600 (Intl) or schedule a demo. We’re here to help you with the right recruitment staffing solution.